Anyone using an alternate addon or enhancement that they like versus DOC MERGE or the PDF Manager? 

Ideally, it would have the functionality of DOC MERGE but not take as long to populate, time out frequently, allow for comments to be used, etc. It would be amazing if it could still be used with Action buttons as well. 

Just figured I would throw the question out there. Thanks in advance. 

  • We customized our PDF printing to leverage PDF Manager but compose the document using CSS. You do have to ignore the WYSIWYG interface and work in HTML to keep your css code unaltered.

    Although it's working very nicely for us it is custom code that needs checking with every upgrade to make sure it still works and it does involve installing a couple of additional applications on your server, so it won't work for cloud customers.

    I documented part of what we did here (we also have sub-templates in PDF Manager that are added depending on the products selected in the Quote/custom Contract) but I've not been able to find that post, it's possible that it was removed.

    If you are on site, and want to go down that particular rabbit hole, contact me, and I'll do my best to re-write it for you.


    Edit: found a very old copy on Wordpress: here

    (we've been using this since 2016 with only minor tweaks)

  • We develop, before Sugar DocMerge, our own plugin to merge word document.

    It works on premise and requires to install libre office libraries to do the job.

    It handles better the quotes templates (with comments etc.) and few other fonctionnalities (link the generated file as a note or an email attachment and not always a document, generate individual file for mass merge generation, better performance as on-premise service etc.).

    But also con points : no way to easily use it for generation through BPM or button ; template assistant less efficient.

    You could also take a look at WDoc plugin  :