Validation on field during import

Hi All,

I have a custom module name "inventory" in this module i have created one custom field "abc" .
i already applied the duplicate check validation on create and record page (create.js and record.js) the validation is working fine and system already check duplicate values giving also warning error message.

but problem is when user import the data via sugar import facility at that time system unable to validate the duplicate value

i have gone through sugar guide and applied one approach

it is also working fine, but my client wants automatic validation just like create and record page validation.

meaning end user don't want to move the fields from 'available fields' to 'Fields to check'

anybody can suggest me other approach, so that user that there is no user interaction and system automatically validate duplicate check during import

Any suggestions would be appreciated 


  • I have a similar question regarding data import. While importing data into a field, we can designate the field as required. However, we also have a specific requirement that goes beyond mere necessity. The field must not only be mandatory but also adhere to a specific length criterion. For instance, in our case, the field must be precisely 9 characters long. Any deviation from this length, whether shorter or longer, should be considered invalid.