Automatically converting Leads

Has anyone used a BPM or any other means to automatically convert a Lead based on certain fields being filled in on the Lead?

  • Hey  ,

    Knowing how Sugar's UX and backend interact and work, I'd say it is not something you can do via BPM (but happy to be proven wrong).

    In short, if you look at the network tab when converting a lead, you will see a number of requests to the server (API calls) that complete a number of operations. From creation of records, to relating records together and finally to move/copy previously created activities.

    You might need some customisations to be able to complete this I suspect.

    My questions would be:

    Do you really need to use leads, if you would like the conversion to be automated?

    Perhaps you might not need leads in your business and could/should use contacts directly?

    What would you lose and gain by doing that?


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