can I show the primary team value in a calculated field?

I want to replicate the primary team in a custom field.

To keep it simple I created a text field with this calc:


However, $teams does not seem to exist.

Any ideas?

  • Unfortunately Teams is not one of the related modules available in the formula fields when using Related Modules.

    Also, in your formula, you seem to be mixing Teams and Team Sets, these are two distinct concepts: A Team Set is a group teams that appear on a record. So if you have a record with teams West and East you will have a Team Set to represent those two teams together. 

    May I ask why you need the team in a text field? I am always a little skeptical about adding fields that copy information that is already available in the view. Are you missing something in your reporting? 

    There are ways to do what you are asking using code and logic hooks, but perhaps, depending on your use case, there are also better ways to achieve what you need?