How to call DocMerge from a Hook ?

Hi guys,

does one of you already try to call DocMerge from a Hook (or similar code context) ?

Of course I know it can be done through BPM ; but what we want to do can be trigger and handle using BPM.

Also, I would like to see if error handling is better with code generation.

Best regards,


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  • Hi ,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Here is our use case

    • we need to generate a mail for several customers
    • using DocMerge, I can generate a single document merging all record for printing --> that is OK
    • I also need to generate a single document for each customer, in ordre to archive the document in the EDM solution

    we were thinking about doing this using BPM but we face several issues without any way to be sure that the document was correctly generated.

    So we would like to trigger a hook and create several individual job action to perform the docmerge.

    Best regards,