Issue at the moment of install a new local with the last version

Hello Everyone!
I would like to know if someone have had problem at the moment of install a new local instance with the last version.

At the init of the last week I requested a backup of an instance that I working on my company, but after of complete the installation and try login, the system returned me the error 500... Sugarcrm.log show the next message:

Mon Mar  6 12:17:10 2023 [8572][1][ALERT] Invalid subscription json data
Mon Mar  6 12:17:10 2023 [8572][1][FATAL] An exception happened: (500: unknown_error) Invalid subscription json data
A coworker that working with another instance had the same problem and told me that he managed to solve it requesting a new backup
So I installed too the sugarcrm instance that my coworker works and worked fine in these moment at my local.
So I requested a new backup of the instance that I work; and the last friday when I had the new backup, I installed it on my localhost and this one worked fine in these day.
BUT... today I'm trying to entry to my locals but returns the error 500 again!!
I asked to my coworker if their local works fine but he had today the same problem.
So... someone has the same issue?
Thank you so much!
Norberto Baltézar.
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