Unable to log in

I'm trying to log in so that I can re-validate my validation key since i cannot access my local instance it just says 
"Unable to sync with server. Your company's license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login."
but when I'm trying to log in my admin account this pops up instead
"Unauthorized We're sorry, but it appears you are unauthorized to access this resource."
  • Hi

    As you are working on your local instance I would start by wiping the cache/ content, and clearing the browser cache. 
    After that try to reproduce the error and let us know if there are any errors in the sugarcrm.log and PHP error log at the time you log in. 

    If this is a copy of a working production instance, can you also check if you have any 'User Login Management' tool that needs to be disabled to allow your instance work locally like LDAP or SAML? 

    Let me know if any of this helps.