Sending a quote - Other options

What other options are there for sending a quote to a company? 

We have reviewed the Docusign, Pandadoc, HelloSign and recently DealHub (not great for small companies as they have a 10 seat min). 

The pdf files we currently send are locked, have terrible margins, no ability to make a page break for terms and conditions, bloat the system with large data files, etc. There has to be a better way! Even some of the smaller "mom and pop" estimating programs provide a more sophisticated system for sending a quote!. We need a 2023 option and seem to be suck in 1995! 

Ideally, it would provide the receiver the ability to choose options, approve the quote, add a PO#, etc. 

Anyone have any thoughts or doing anything exciting???  

  • What version of Sugar are you using? I was under the impression that Doc Merge had better abilities that the PDF Manager.

    I'm still on v11 Professional, and back in 2016 I developed my own way of making better looking PDFs which I am still using today, but while the documents may be pretty, it's also a bit high maintenenace...

    If you are not on the latest version of your SugarCRM, I recommend you try to get there as soon as possible and see if you can leverage Doc Merge.

    I will be very interested in seeing what others have done.


  • Good morning! We are currently using Enterprise 12.1.0 but upgrading to 12.2.0 on the 13th or so. 

  • Not exactly doing it within Sugar but as you have listed a load of external apps you have tried you may want to also look at Qwilr -

    It is an online proposal tool that lets you set up pretty fancy page templates and then create a new page from the template using an API call passing in JSON for the placeholder substitutions.

    I don't have any association with Qwilr but for a customer (they had already chosen Qwilr) I have recently done a basic integration into a non-Sugar CRM (shock!! other CRMs do exist - although none as sweet as our favourite, sorry favorite for all the non-English speakers Wink ). It simply allows users to choose the template already set up and passes in the content as JSON. Response is the URLs of the public page and a PDF version which are then provided to the user to put in emails etc.

    Qwilr itself provides functions addable to the created template to allow recipients to Accept the proposal / quote and provide some signature detail etc. They can also make choices from tables of options prior to accepting - although there are limitations as to how you can set up the templates if you need to be more interactive.

    I have been thinking about whether it might be worth porting this integration to Sugar so feel free to drop a line if you want help in that regard.