Improve sub panel management in detail page via tabs?

Hello Sugar lovers,
In some of our projects, certain objects have MANY relationships. This results in sometimes over 15 subpanels on the detail page. While users can sort the panels (have to actually, since you can't force an order system-wide), it becomes hardly usable after some time. 

Have you already encountered this issue? Have you envisaged grouping the subpanels in tabs? 

Ex on a account page: 

  • Relationships: contacts, subsidiary companies, etc. 
  • Contracts: opportunities, contracts, subscriptions...
  • Support: cases, bugs etc. 
  • Activity: meetings, notes, emails, tasks...
  • Marketing: campaigns, surveys...

That could make the interface less cluttered. 

Before we dive into a Proof of Concept, we wnated to check with the community for experiences and hints. And maybe info from the SuagrCRM people on future changes in that direction that would make this (potentially heavy) development useless in a few months :) 

Thanks all!