Custom Button On Quote worksheet

Hi All Developers,

I want to place a custom button on quote worksheet area. could any one suggest me which file and code i prefer. 

i want to add one more button after "select product" option

Thanks in Advance

  • Hi ,

    Your question is slightly confusing. 'Select Product' is a field. However you can add field that renders a button. To do that you would modify the fields by duplicating `modules/Products/clients/base/views/quote-data-group-list/quote-data-group-list.php` to `custom/modules/Products/clients/base/views/quote-data-group-list/quote-data-group-list.php` and update the fields.

    Just to cover if you meant to add another action under the + icon then you would need to duplicate `modules/Quotes/clients/base/views/quote-data-grand-totals-header/quote-data-grand-totals-header.php` to  `custom/modules/Quotes/clients/base/views/quote-data-grand-totals-header/quote-data-grand-totals-header.php` and modify the panel_dropdown buttons.

    Hope it helps. 

    Best Regards

    Tevfik Tümer
    Sr. Developer Support Engineer