How to get the id of a dashlet (not dashboard) in the dashlet controller .js file?

I am accessing this.model.attributes and it returns
  "id": "suihio-32b3-432jk4-43n" // This is the Dashboard id
  "dashboard_name": "Test Dashboard",
  "metadata": {
    "dashlets": [
      {"id": "23434-34234f-34ffkke-jnsd", "name": "Test dashlet 1", ...},
      {"id": "bsdu7svs-v34343f4w-4f34f4-4f43", "name": "Test dashlet 2", ...},

I am unable to get the dashlet id in the dashlet controller .js file. Always, I have to filter using the name of the dashlet within the metadata->dashlets array, so facing issue when multiple dashlets are there with same name.

I want to know how I can get the particular dashlet id from the controller .js file.

Thanks in advance.