Group Users Module Layout


So I am looking at using Group Users however have noticed within the users module if you have a group user the fields you see on the record are limited and do not match those of a Regular user.

I am still wanting to capture information against the group user for reporting, so was wondering if anyone had configured the Group User layout to be the same as the Regular user or knows how this can be achieved.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  • What do you want to acheive?

    A Group User is, basically, a "Fake User" to whom you can assign records until real users can assign records to themselves. Group User can not log in to Sugar. That said, its layout will display just a few fields.

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  • Hi Adam,

    In addition to Andre's reply, you can go through this link to know more about types of users and its difference in SugarCRM.

    Hope this information helps you:)

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  • So what I am looking to achieve is:

    We have external people that will be attending meetings that we log in the CRM system. However these people will not be using CRM for anything as they will be receiving the invites for the meetings that they need to attend and potentially some bpm emails with meeting details in them.

    But when creating these records, we need to be able to see what other meetings these people already have booked against them which we can do using the Calendar in CRM but only if they are a user. And as they will not be logging into CRM I was looking to use Group Users.

    And because of this on the user profile we also then want to capture additional information about each of these users such as their contact details for our internal use.

    I did investigate the route of a new module, but the calendar is only there to function against user records rather than any other modules that hold people data such as contacts.


  • Create "Contacts" for each of your additional users. Invite the Contacts. Setup the Meeting/Calls to send them an invite and send reminders of the meetings.

  • Hello all, found this post while looking for a similar solution.

    I would like to add a dropdown (Region) to the group user layout.

    Currently we assign some leads to a USER.
    Every USER is is set to a specific region. (like UK, APAC, USA < which is a DD field we use in the User module/layout)

    Going forwards some Leads are going to stay assigned to a group user.  

    The thing I want to solve is that all these group user assigned Leads show on the reports charts / dashboards as 'undefined'...   which I could resolve if I could pop the Region DD onto the group users layout...

    Would be great if I do this via admin > studio...
    Has anybody achieved similar?