Referencing a field value from handlebar file in if statement

So I've been looking for a way to basically add some text to the headerpane.hbs file for the Accounts module. 

I copied




The code I've added looks like:

<span style="display:table-cell;vertical-align:top;position:relative;padding:18px 18px 0px 20px;width:100%;">
   {{#if days_past_due_c}}
      <span style="border:1px solid #282828;border-radius:3px;padding:4px;background-color:#E61717;color: white;">PAST DUE</span>
      <span style="border:1px solid #282828;border-radius:3px;padding:4px;background-color:#32800E;color: white;">CURRENTS</span>

I know the if statement won't work like that, but its just an example. If $bean->days_past_due_c has a value, then I want to show a bright big red banner in the header pane that says "PAST DUE", otherwise it can just say "CURRENT".

But for the life of me, I can't find any good documentation that shows how to reference a fields value from here within the if statement.

I saw the fieldValue() API call but also don't see a way to use that inside an if statement.

Sugar Version: 7.8

UPDATE: I figured out by adding {{log this}} per the documentation I could get everything available to the handlebar template. I looked through and saw the field value in the data (in several places), but can't seem to access it. Not sure whats wrong with the syntax.

{{view.model.attributes}} will spit out all the fields are their values, but if say {{view.model.attributes.days_past_due_c}} it returns undefined.

UPDATE #2: So I thought maybe the JSON response I see isn't "really" JSON since much of what returns is actually functions and methods. So maybe thats why I can see it but not access it directly.

So I extended the record.js file (copied from modules/Accounts/client/base/views/record/record.js) to same folder path in custom/

Here is what my syntax looks like presently (based on example given here:

    extendsFrom: 'RecordView',

     * @inheritdoc
    initialize: function(options) {
        //populate your data
        accountData=new Object();
        this.accountData = accountData;

        let self = this;

        this.plugins = _.union(this.plugins || [], ['HistoricalSummary']);"read", app.api.buildURL("Accounts/"+options.context.attributes.modelId), null, {
            success: function (accountResponse) {
                self.accountData['fields'] = accountResponse;
        this._super('initialize', [options]);

I then logged this in headerpane.hbs and I see 'this' outputted, 'view.accountData' shows up, next two show up as undefined, last one doesn't show up at all.

{{log this}}
{{log view.accountData}}
{{log view.accountData.fields}}
{{log view.accountData.fields.days_past_due_c}}
{{#with accountData}}
{{log fields.days_past_due_c}}


  • There might be another way to do this.

    If the purpose is to display a field in the Header panel of the record view, then you might:
    - edit the custom record.php file
    - add the field to the panel_header fields.

                  4 => 
                  array (
                    'name' => 'my_custom_field_c',
                    'readonly' => true,
                    'type' => 'my-custom-type-to-manage-display',

    my-custom-type-to-manage-display.js should just extendsFrom the real type of your field.
    my-custom-type-to-manage-display.hbs should let you adapt the display using {{if value}}