How to add Email sub-panel present in different module

how can i add a Email sub-panel to a different panel as i tried using relationship module but i am unable to understand it so if anyone can help me with that and explain me how can i do that through studio and if not possible by studio then by code just a sub-panel from one module to other module

  • Hello,

    did you add the "activity" relationship (from the studio) that will add the relation with Tasks, Calls, Notes, Meetings and Emails ???


  • hi fred,

    Thank you for your reply that worked for me i got all the sub-panels which i want in that module thanks alot.



  • Hello all,  I had the same question and found this post. 

    My users have asked if they can have the Meetings module to display the Emails subpanel - makes sense, they want to conclude a meeting and follow with an email directly from that meeting - I was suprised it was not already there.

    I am not sure if it should be there already by default and so perhaps we have some customisation to hide it (is there an obvious place where that would be?).

    In production: We already have sub panels in the meetings module for:

    • Notes, and
    • Tasks - but that is all.

    And the activities relationship exists...  So i wonder if some other thing is hiding the emails subpanel???


    In sandbox: I added a new one to many relationship in meetings, as per Frédéric Rinaldi's answer below and per the documentation here.

    BUT... I now have:

    • 2 Notes subpanels
    • 2 Tasks subpanels
    • 1 new Meetings subpanel
    • 1 new Emails subpanel


    Any ideas anybody??   Thought it would be a quickie this one Rofl


  • Hi 

    By default the Meetings module only has an exposed relationship to the Notes module. If you have a Tasks subpanel displayed, that is likely from another custom relationship created through Studio that you could potentially delete if the relationship isn't actively used. 

    Creating the activities relationship is the recommended path to properly build a relationship to the Emails module but it creates the duplicate subpanels as you noted. There's no way to suppress those duplicate subpanels without making code modifications.


  • Thanks  for the good info.

    You are correct (I didn't notice the * before) the existing tasks relationship was created in studio:

    Many to Many



    In my Sandbox, probably worth noting if anybody is interested:  It also looks like once you add the Activities relationship that it is not able to be deleted from Studio.  I see no aterisk on any of the new one and when opened there is no delete option, like there is with that Tasks one for example:

    One to Many
    One to Many
    One to Many
    One to Many
    One to Many



    Thanks again Chris - I can update my users, I dont think the benefit outweighs the dev cost.

  • hi

    Just curios if the requirement is either so that users can create an email related to the meeting (and Contact?), or just for convenience to create an email whilst viewing the Meeting record and related to the contact would be fine?

  • Hi ,

    The requirement is so they can follow up with email directly from that meeting (but from the email address/es it would still relate to the contact and account - the addition being also related to the specific meeting).   Currently they use the notes subpanel to add info, or paste in the email from elsewhere.

  • Hi

    Have you looked into 'Action Buttons', and specifically the Action for 'Compose Email' may be a possibility?


    CRM Business Consultant

  • Thanks ,

    I had not...  but ideally if looking at a meeting having the email sub panel there would have all the follow up emails in one place related to that specific meeting.

    That said, I like the action button idea, but not sure if it ticks the box for this requirement.  Maybe I could use it to pre popluate the subject line at least?

  • Hi ,

    I wanted to revisit this topic as we now have a no-code product that meets your need and more! With Upsert Focused Views, you can now configure which subpanels you want to show on a record layout. To illustrate your example, I created the relationship between Activities & Meetings. I then created a focused view configuration for the Meetings module to only show the native Notes subpanel and the Emails subpanel:

    With each focused view configuration you set up, you choose which users, teams, and/or roles receive that view. In this example, I want all users to see the same view so I associated the Global team. With that set, any user navigating to the Meetings record view sees only the subpanels I prescribed:

    This plugin is great for removing unwanted subpanels on a module when you don't want to globally hide that subpanel for all modules. 

    Upsert Focused Views does a lot more, too! You can also prescribe which intelligence pane layout you want to have loaded for users. For record views where you have multiple tabs on the layout, you can choose which subpanels and intelligence pane you want to load for each tab to drive home a dynamic experience for your users, so the information that is most important to them is delivered when they need it.

    Please reach out via our website if you would like to start a trial or want a more in-depth demo of Upsert Focused Views.