Using business process definitions to manipulate read-only fields

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I have a status field that I want to be read-only (so users can't manipulate it) and have the value changed by business process definitions only.  This doesn't seem to be possible.  Business process definitions are denied the ability to manipulate fields if they're read only.  I cannot understand the reason for this.  

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  • Hi ,

    One way you could work around this is have two fields created on the module:

    1. Source field
      1. This field would not be made available on any layouts or be available for mass update or import so that only BPM can make changes to it
    2. Display-only field
      1. This field would have a sugar logic formula that consists only of the variable for the source field (e.g. $source_field)
      2. This field would be added to the layout(s) for your users to see. Sugar Logic fields are natively read-only since they are driven by calculation

    With that setup, you could have BPM make the changes as you see fit and users wouldn't know any difference since the field they see is mirroring the source field value.

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  • Hiding from layout may help to avoid  accedental data editing, however IMHO not sure on whether that approach can ensure data security - if to follow hiding out from UI approach it might remain important to keep the source field name in secret from users along with the ability for them to use their credentials to edit the field in Sugar via quite simple rest API call (postman) with user credentials 

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  • Hi

    I note your concern but I think Chris's idea is secure enough for our needs.



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