Using business process definitions to manipulate read-only fields

Hi all,

I have a status field that I want to be read-only (so users can't manipulate it) and have the value changed by business process definitions only.  This doesn't seem to be possible.  Business process definitions are denied the ability to manipulate fields if they're read only.  I cannot understand the reason for this.  

Any advice much appreciated.



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  • yea, I also think of distinguishing - on one side the users that could use a field as read-only as it is set in field-level security for the user's role and on the other side an admin user or any other superuser that is allowed to edit the field - and to run the BPM on behalf of that superuser...

    However, one example that comes to mind - setup a Process Definition for e.g. Note created and that process definition is a perpetual loop that fetches the records of lets say Accounts according to criterion and update fields in fetched records

    In this case, such a process definition could be run on behalf of superuser, allowing them to edit files in target records while regular users are restricted in editing files of those target records (via field-level security).

    Make sense to try?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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