Using business process definitions to manipulate read-only fields

Hi all,

I have a status field that I want to be read-only (so users can't manipulate it) and have the value changed by business process definitions only.  This doesn't seem to be possible.  Business process definitions are denied the ability to manipulate fields if they're read only.  I cannot understand the reason for this.  

Any advice much appreciated.



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  • I wonder if viewdefs prevents changing the "read-only" field by performing an API call with any of the users' credentials via e.g. Postman - I guess if succeeded such a change will be treated by the Audit Log as the change on behalf of the username...
    I suppose that if it is necessary to avoid manual data editing from the business perspective, the best way to reach readonly is to use field-level security in the application layer - so that it safely works for all interfaces without exclusions
    Is it correct?

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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