Default RLI field based on parent Opportunity

Hi all,

I have a field call Branch that exists in both the Opportunity and Revenue Line Item modules.  When an RLI record is created, I want the Branch field in that record to be set to the same value as in the parent Opportunity record, unless the user has explicitly set a value.  I thought I may be able to use a Process Definition for this but it doesn't appear to be possible.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Dave Hodgman

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  • Ah so close Vincent.

    I hadn't thought of triggering the process from the Opportunity record.  That looked like it might work, but I'm not able to apply the Opportunity record value to the RLI records because it is a droplist field and that cog icon is not available.  I can only select values that are in the associated drop list set.

    Dave   <-- banging head on desk!

  • what are the Studio names of that Branch dropdown fields for the Opp and for RLI? both "branch_c"? Let me know if other names, I will adjust solutions below so that it match actual custom fields names

    SOLUTION OPTION 1 - primitive logic hook on new RLI is created

    I've configured a primitive logic hook for your Sugar, since no need to have coding skills for doing that with the Logic Builder no-code tool 
    Just install ZIP via Module Loader and the logic should work for the new RLI is created for branch_c fileds

    Using this ZIP is absolutely free

    Logic is the following (follow the white line to read):

    SOLUTION OPTION 2 - employ SugarBPM with extended possibilities

    BPM limitations could be easily avoided with the SugarBPM extension that allows adding data manipulations into the regular BPM process definition

    Below 4 steps on how to employ extended SugarBPM here (little bit long because of explanations)

    1 Step
    To activate extensions navigate to then downloaded and installed LB Services and LB Sugar BPM Extension with Module Loader
    2 Step
    The installation of LB Services will enable LB Services module in Sugar.
    Create a new record in it with the following parameters:

    3 Step
    The installation of LB Sugar BPM Extension will enable additional operators in Sugar BPM design environment

    I extended the 's bpm definition using the extra operators have been activated in  the SugarBPM interface in order to retrieve an Opps branch value (first Action) and then to write it to all empty RLIs' branch fields (second Action) as Vincent's process definition offers

    Here is an adjusted Process Definition in ZIP , you may unzip and import it with Import Process Definitions

    4. Step
    First Action logic (GetOppBranch)  is simple Opp branch_c value retrieval
    The Logic Builder flowchart of the retrieval:

    With a click, this logic is generated into the ZIP package
    Use Module loader to install it into CRM

    Now an extended Process Definition is ready for being Enabled in order to supply the expected BPM automation in SugarCRM

    So there are two options, both does not demand coding skills

    I hope this helps - let me know if any questions

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • Wow! That's a huge effort .  Wasn't expecting anyone to go to the lengths you have.  Thank you so much.

    We do have an implementation partner who can do this type of work - at a cost.  Where I can, I try to do things myself to keep our costs down.  I'm not going to be able to implement your proposed solutions without their support, so we'll see how that goes.

    If we were in the same country or hemisphere even, I would be pleased to buy you a drink.  Perhaps given your location, some suitable armaments might be more appropriate.

    Thanks again. Best wishes and stay safe!


  • Hi Dave - since Sugar configuring with Logic Builder does not require learning PHP/ JavaScript/beans/vardefs/sidecar/creating extensions and other coding skills, that are very important for proper Sugar enhancement, the regular Sugar Admins can use Logic Builder for configuring Sugars just like they use Studio or SugarBPM - as I've heard from some of them, drawing step-by-step calculations logic looks even more natural for them than trying to put all the calculations into prefix notation formulas for calc fields.
    I believe the configuring via drawing should be a piece of cake for any experienced SugarCRM consultants (just in case the help is here

    Regarding armaments - we much appreciate numerous modern Javelins, short-range NLAWs, and old-school Stringers that helped to stop the army of invaders in northern regions and, in particular, forced them to leave the Kyiv region where most of our Sugar implementation team of Integros is located - now, apart from sporadic, low-selective long-range cruise missile strikes that are performed by those russist bastards from half a thousand miles distance, the situation looks much more peaceful in the region.
    But that is very true that MRLS and other long-range artillery along with middle-range air defense systems are in very big demand for stopping invaders in the east and south of Ukraine - please send if any..

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • Hi Dmytro,

    Logic Builder looks like an impressive tool that I would love to be able to use.  I'm not likely to have a budget for that unfortunately.  If I had some spare artillery available, I would happily do a trade with you.

    Stay safe!

    Dave Hodgman