Error during upgrade 11.0.3 to 12


I'm currently in the process of upgrading my local development instance of a customer from 11.0.3 Enterprise to 12.0.0. The problem currenty is that it fails after the healtcheck (or during, the logs arent really clear) with the following SQL error: 

Mon, 02 May 2022 12:32:13 +0000 [Upgrader] - ERROR: Exception: An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT, outbound_email.eapm_id,, outbound_email.type, outbound_email.user_id, outbound_email
.email_address_id, outbound_email.authorized_account, outbound_email.mail_authtype, outbound_email.reply_to_name, outbound_email.reply_to_email_address_id, outbound_email.mail_sendtype, outbound_email.mail_smtptype, outbound_email.m
ail_smtpserver, outbound_email.mail_smtpport, outbound_email.mail_smtpuser, outbound_email.mail_smtppass, outbound_email.mail_smtpauth_req, outbound_email.mail_smtpssl, outbound_email.deleted, outbound_email.team_id, outbound_email.
team_set_id, outbound_email.acl_team_set_id, tn_name, teams_tn.name_2 tn_name_2 FROM outbound_email LEFT JOIN teams teams_tn ON (outbound_email.team_id = AND (teams_tn.deleted = ?) WHERE (
 = ?) AND (outbound_email.deleted = ?) LIMIT 1' with params [0, "d717dbfa-e3dc-11eb-b061-0242ac170007", 0]:

I just checked the database prior upgrading to 12.0 and indeed this table does not have a acl_team_set_id column. When I truncate that specific table and start the upgrade all seems to work as expected. But whenever I import the data again and do a QRR the application is broken with the same error. 

Did someone see this behaviour in the past?