Display labels are reset to default after metadata movement to another system

We added some new fields into our SugarCRM DEV application version 11.3.

We haven't used the standard display labels. Instead of "LBL_STATUS_FIELD" we used "Status Field".

We moved these changes from DEV to QA system without any problems, but when we moved the
metadata from QA to PRDO the display labels we have changed on customized fields were reset to the standard.

Any idea what has happened ?

Thanks in advance for your help

  • If you are hardcoding the label then check your particular view/s.
    I would recommend against hardcoding labels though it makes life so much harder to maintain labels in each views)

    If you are using the standard labels and language files, I have seen this happen when there are multiple files (different file names) in the extension framework where the same label name is redefined with different values. Depending on the order in which the files containing the labels are cached into one you may get one value or the other, the last one defined is what you see as it overrides prior definitions.
    Check your language files to see if you have duplicates.

  • In addition to , make sure it is not a cache issue. We faced behavior like that on a customer instance.

    In order to fix it, in case Francesca suggestions didn't work, enable "Developer Mode" from Admin -> System Settings and save it.

    After that navigate to some module where labels had been updated, make sure they are OK now and finally disable Developer Mode.

    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
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