Webinar - How to Sync Client Data via AWS API Gateway without PHP Knowledge

As a Data Engineer, I ensure the quality of customer data across all systems. I needed to solve the issues of real-time synchronization of contact data from CRM with other back-office systems.

Sure, this is not a problem if a company has an unlimited resource of qualified and available programmers who can write in any programming language in any framework.  However, if you are not that company, it might be a challenge for you.

I faced such a challenge, too.

I decided to use Amazon API Gateway to come up with a reliable solution to my issue. This opened up the possibility to configure secure data exchange with back-office systems. And to make it work, I needed to make sure that when changing data in Sugar, a trigger would fire, which would call the REST API from Amazon API Gateway and pass JSON as a parameter for synchronization.

It seems simple, but I do not program in PHP. There were no available PHP programmers for Sugar either, and the task was urgent and essential. So I decided to try Logic Builder for Sugar –  I heard about it at one webinar. Although I was not familiar with this product, it turned out to be very simple to solve its issue.

It took me around a day to successfully add the necessary trigger to Sugar without writing a line in PHP and figuring out how to create extensions for Sugar. The Sugar extension package was created automatically based on the flowchart I made with the mouse.

Making changes was also very easy. I make changes in the flowchart, and in a minute, I install a new package for testing without wasting time on explanations to the programmer.

This is how, with the help of Logic Builder, I saved not only the company's budget but also a little time for myself, which is always lacking for a mother of a three-year-old child J.

If anyone is interested in the details, come to the webinar. I hope it will be helpful to everyone responsible for data quality but cannot program PHP.