Dependency not working

Hello There,

I am facing dependency issue while using formulla builder for module . Below is the path of file : custom/Extension/modules/modulename/Ext/Dependencies

i am using below formulla in that file :

'name' => 'SetRequired',
'params' => array(
'target' => 'namsa_bde_referred_c',
'value' => 'or(equal($id,""),and(isAfter($date_entered,date("2021-10-04")),equal($namsa_quote2_c,"Yes")))',
) ,
) ,

Somehow it's not working for me , Would anyone please help me to suggest any way to fix this.

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  • - Which version of sugar are you using?

    We check on both versions 10.3.0 and 11.1.0

    - What type of field are we talking about?

    formula is not working in any field we try Textbox,date,dropdown .

    - Did you already put the formula inside a field in the studio to see if the formula is correct?

    We can not use studio formula as id field is not acceptable in studio formula builder , and also we need that for newly created record thats why we have to use dependency via file instead of studio