create relationship between contact and opportunity in a drawer


i've the following context.

after a change of a field on contact. i display the drawer in order to create an opportunity.

i've got a n,n relationship between these modules.

i don't succeed in creating relationship between the opportunity i've created in my drawer and the contact.

the opportunity is created but nothing in subpanel in both module.

here is my code :

openDrawer: function(contact) {
        var opportunityLie ="Opportunities");{
            layout: "create",
            context: {
                create: true,
                module: 'Opportunities',
                model: opportunityLie,
        }, function (context, newModel) {
            if (newModel && {

                var collectionContact = newModel.getRelatedCollection('contacts');

  • Hi ,

    In the drawer context, you are passing incomplete information. As there is a relationship in both modules then during record creation there is a need to use LinkedModel Plugin so that whenever Opportunity will create, the parent information will auto-populate. 

    You need to set app.plugins.plugins.view.LinkedModel.createLinkModel(context.parent.get('model'), linkName) in model of context object.

    Hope it will help!