Customizing the preview panel

Is it possible to change the width of the preview panel and may be even have multiple columns?

Sugar 11.1.0 Enterprise

  • Hi,
    Follow this link, it will show you how to edit the preview pane properly. From here, you see how to add a new row, column, field, etc in the preview panel.

    Outright Store

  • Thanks Bruce but that link shows me how to add, remove and rearrange the fields, not actually change the default width of the preview panel.

    We have a lot of records (300+) that we need to check and modify daily and it's just handy to action the records from the list view via the preview panel, rather than opening each record in a new tab.  However, we can still work with what's available.

    I've modified the main controller (record.js) for the edit view for a module.  Is there an equivalent for the preview view?

  • For anyone else looking to override the Preview Controller, the answer is yes.



        extendsFrom: 'Preview View',

        initialize: function(options)