Understanding the Custom Module life cycle


I would like to make sure that I understand what happens to an imported module in SugarOnDemand.

Here is what I have observed:

  1. I import a custom module via Module Loader.
  2. The module is now visible in Module Builder.  I can make changes to fields/view at will.  I do not see the module in Studio, nor can I expose it with a tab via Display Modules and Subpanels.
  3. I now deploy the module.  The module is no longer visible under Module Builder.  It does appear in Studio and I can expose it now  via Display Modules and Subpanels.

All correct so far?

Several questions then.

  1. At the post-deployed stage, it appears that I can add new fields, change field sizes and change layouts.  But it appears that I cannot delete a field?  Is that correct?  Is there no way to delete a field once a module has been deployed?  What if I had several large fields that I no longer needed, but wanted to get rid of so they didn't count against my maximum record size?
  2. After deployment, can I now export the module in its most current state?


Bryan Hunt