How to Pull in Referring Account if Referring Contact Selected with Relate Field?

Was wondering how in SugarCloud one could have it be setup so when team selected a referring contact on opportunities module (relate field),  we could also have identified the referring Account that relate contact was member of ?  

Any insights are greatly appreciated -  on this specific scenario and in similar ones in general. 

  • Hi,

    In general the before_save and after_save logic hooks are triggered for opp module on record saved.

    Therefore, if you need any additional processing, you can reach the Account record to which the Contact referred in the Opp belongs to - just like any other record's data, which is somehow related to the saved record. That could be done with code or with no-coding - using Logic Builder configuring tool

    There are dozens of examples in this club on how the related records could be reached in Logic Builder flowcharts drawings

    Could you give an idea how you would like to process the Account record ones it is identified?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi Dmytro,

    thanks so much for getting back on this.   What we need to do is we want to pull in related account based on the contact member selected that is referring contact (relate field) 

    Actually leaning towards now having this field be on the contacts table (referring contact) and seeking to have it where available pull in the account into the contacts table and update related account and opportunities where they are available and/or when created moving forward. 

    Suppose thats a little different than what described initially but concept similar.  Does not seem like process definitions alone provide this capability. 

  • Hi Michael,

    Sorry, I didn't get the idea, but I reckon this is a good example of how subscribers can benefit from configuring solutions from the scratch and adjusting solutions on-the-fly with no-code configuring tool Logic Builder.

    Below is a video of automation example - the custom RelatedContact field value change takes effect on Account to which this Contact belongs to along with all the Opps related to that Account - each of ones receives the RelatedContact Name into its Description field

    just look, Brandon Olson is everywhere 

    And here is the implementation of that behavior on the video - a flowchart (zoom in to read)

    Please follow the white line (main logic sequence) and you will see how the RelatedContact ID is used - sequentially, for Contact record then Account record retrieval, Account Description value set than Account saved, then Opp records retrieval and setting Description for each of that Opp then save - in the loop.

    Now, in terms of the flowchart drawing, what would you like to adjust here?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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