Advanced quotes and CPQ : How would you manage price lists in Sugar?

Dear Sugar Lovers,

Sugar's product catalog has evolved in recent versions but one of my prospects would like to manage product prices with more granularity. 

They currently use SageCRM to define several pricelists : base price per region, price per customer. 

In order to improve the sales workflow, they would like to create and configure opportunities/quotes in Sugar, not in Sage. So they need to have pricelists in Sugar quotes. 

How would you approach that? 

Without going for a full-fledged CPQ platform (which are generally overpriced for small to mid size projects) I was thinking about creating 1 to 2 new objects :

  1. At least a price book entry : base product, specific price, relationship with the customer
  2. Potentially a price book : list of products, validity dates (and maybe conditions), relationship with the customer that would replace the relationship on the pricebook entry

In the quote I would get the price corresponding to the customer. 

I'm not reinventing the wheel: this is how prices are implemented in other CRM solutions on the market. What bothers me is that this will most certainly require development.

Has anyone implemented this type of feature? Any hints? 

Thanks in advance:)

Damien Pochon

  • Hi

    We have implemented such a feature for several customers. In those cases they asked for very specific rules, but at a higher level, the provided solution is based on variables and configuration which can be turned on or off depending on economical or strategical scenario.

    We are talking about:

    • a couple of custom modules related to Product Templates, Product Categories and Accounts
    • scheduled jobs which will calculate the priority of customer based on historical relationship
    • configuration layouts for managing variables and settings
    • custom endpoints for retrieving pricing policies according to customer, product template, quantity and product category
    • customization in the views and layouts of Product Bundles in order to properly invoke the custom endpoits accordingly

    Let me know if you would like to schedule a conf for discussing such a solution.


    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
    Skype: andre.lampada
  • We have implemented CPQ functionality for some of our customers. 

    Implementing individual pricebooks for regions and customers may be bit difficult but doable. 

    Let me know how the solution comes out. 

    With Warm Regards

    Ram Kumar LK

    Ram Kumar LK

    Sr Solution Architect

  • Hello Damien,

    I hope you are doing great.

    I know that you were not interested in CPQ solution that should be couple with Sugar but I am :-).

    So I want to know if you or anybody else has an experience with a good CPQ solution that could be easily integrated with Sugar, in order to providea powerful quotation solution with advanced pricing behavior (customer price list based on volume, total price, global discount etc.).

    Many thanks for your feedback,


  • Hello Damien,

    We are currently releasing the CPQ functionality built on top of SugarCRM .

    This handles Discount Policies, Configurable Products as the features.

    Currently our website does not  reflect this CPQ Add On as we are planning to release this by Dec 15th. However i can share the information if you want to have a look at .

    Let me know.

    Ram Kumar LK

    Sr Solution Architect