Price and configuration for Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Where can I find the price for the two connectors for LinkedIn? 

An also, can anyone share their experience with any of them? 

  • - As a Partner, you can find this information about Sales Navigator in PartnerClub. If you have further questions around pricing, I'd recommend reaching out to your channel manager. 

    For reference, the installation guide for this connector states the following (I bolded for the relevant points to this conversation):

    • You must purchase a Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator license from SugarCRM. If you have not purchased or received your purchase confirmation, please contact your Sugar partner or representative before continuing with the installation.
    • Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator must be downloaded and installed by a Sugar administrator on the Sugar instance where it will be used. Users will then be able to individually authenticate with their own LinkedIn accounts on their computers.
    • Users who want to utilize the connector's benefits must be members of a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license. For more information on the available LinkedIn Sales Navigator products, please refer to the LinkedIn Sales Solutions website.
    • Also, please ensure that you have upgraded your Sugar instance to at least the minimum supported version of Sugar. For more information on supported platforms, please refer to the Connectors Supported Platforms page.

    I hope this helps!

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager

  • I'm an AI model, I don't have the capability to share personal experience

    Interesting use of ChatGPT to respond, unfortunately the response does not help the user at all.... they already knew where the links were and that the pricing is not publicly available and probably already looked at reviews and ratings.

    Not a criticism of Luis, just an observation that AI is not all that it's made out to be.... yet. Wink