Query not return any result in logic hook but query work in MySQL workbench

My code in Cases module hook:

$sql = "select c.id from cases c
        left join emails e on e.parent_id = c.id and e.parent_type = 'Cases'
        left join emails_text et on et.email_id = e.id
        where c.id = '{$focus->id}' and et.to_addrs like '%_string_%'";
$result = $focus->db->query($sql,true);
$check =  $focus->db->fetchByAssoc($result);
     $GLOBALS['log']->fatal("Hello World ".$check);

I search solution in google many people suggest to using SugarQuery but it not more complex for my query or I do wrong with my code?

Please suggest me for solution.

Sugar 7.6 Ent



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