TinyMCE Editor Disappeared from Email Templates After 10.0.4 Upgrade

Hi Everyone,

We recently upgraded our Sugar instance to version 10.0.4. Everything works great except the TinyMCE toolbar has disappeared from the email template editor. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know anything we can check? I have attached a picture of the toolbar that is missing.

Went from Sugar Professional 10.0.3 to 10.0.4 on premise.


  • Dan,

    I noticed this on an upgrade to a customer's instance. They were on 9.0.4 and so I tried all paths to 10.0.4 - including going via 9.0.6 and also bypassing that and going to 10.0.2 first. All paths ended with the TinyMCE editor missing. In fact it was missing in 9.0.6 as well.

    Further, it is also missing if you do a clean, vanilla install of either 9.0.6 or 10.0.4 and so the issue is with the instance not the upgrade.

    On checking I found the cause to be that quite a number of files and directories are missing from the ./modules/Emails module. Specifically the javascript directory which is where the js code for the TinyMCE editor is (was) based. I was not able to recover the editor and my customer needed it so I ended up rolling back to 10.0.3 where the editor still exists.

    In version 11.0 (just out in the past few days) the EmailTemplates module has been upgraded to Sidecar and so I would guess that the removal of the code and directories is something to do with that. It also might be because of an identified security issue as the patch to 10.0.4 is a security fix (and an important one according to the release notes).

    Sorry this isn't better news. My recommendation would be to see if you can make the upgrade to 11.0 now and check the issue there. There are a few new cool features in 11.0 that might be worth the effort. Alternatively, roll back to 10.0.3 and bite the potential security bullet ;)



  • & - Sorry that you're encountering this issue. The good news is that our Suppor team should be able to get this fixed for you. Please file a case referencing Defect #86829. I hope this helps!

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager