How to filter a field of module B in the list view of module A


I have two modules "A" and "B". There exists a relation (one-to-many) between theses two modules. One module A may have many module B's.
I have a field "status" in Module B. It is an enum field with following options ('Open', 'Lost', 'Won').

I tried following HOW-TOs to filter the field in the list view of module A:
HOWTO: Add a search field that searches another module « Sugar Developer Blog – SugarCRM (
Cross module searches in SugarCRM - Stack Overflow
Filter by related module's field (

None of them worked.
The field "status" shows up in the Filter-Options and I'm able to select the desired value ('Open', 'Lost', 'Won'), but the resultset does not change.

How can I debug this? Especially the query, which is fired when I'm trying to filter for "status".

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards