Are there any restrictions to filters?

Hi, I am calling the GET api with a filter. Seems to all work fine, but not doing what I expect when I have some filter expressions.

If I have a filter

[{"id": {"$equals": "012693e0-711a-11eb-9442-023123a8c872"}}]

It returns as expected

But if I add

[{"id": {"$equals": "012693e0-711a-11eb-9442-023123a8c872"}}, {"team_name": {"$equals": "[{\"id\": \"1\", \"name\": \"Global\", \"name_2\": \"\", \"primary\": true, \"selected\": false}]"}}]

I get no rows, despite the values in the team_name element being those returned in the previous call. Multiple elements in the filter seem fine unless the filter is a array (ot at least thats how it seems)

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