How to disable PDF report password protection?

Hello there,
Some of our customers have strict email security measures that flag CRM-generated emails as "not secure - cannot verify" when they contain report PDFs. It appears that Sugar password protects the reports in order to prevent modification.
While I understand how this could help give users a feeling of security (my data has not been tampered with) and since none of our users are actually going to use Sugar-generated reports for any "official" usage (insufficient control over data & design to start with), we would like to disable this feature.
Has any of you found a way to workaround this feature? I was pointed towards overriding include/Sugarpdf/sugarpdf_default.php but the confidence level in that modification did not seem high.
Any other idea?
PS: PDF generation heavily needs love in 2021… I know AI is all the rage ATM, but basic features like document generation can make or break adoption.