USD Conversion in Product Catalog is not Updating

Hi Everyone,

We are working on Sugar Sell 10.2
In this instance as per the customer requirement we have set the default currency as AUD.
After setting the default currency to Australian dollars the Cost USD,Discount Price USD and List USD fields in the product
catalog is not converting to US currency.
We have checked the formula for the Cost USD in vardefs file in Product Catalog and found that it is converting based on Cost Price and base rate.
As the default currency is not US Dollars it is not converting the cost USD in Product Catalog.
Did anyone of you came across this kind of problem.
Can someone in this club or Sugar Team can help us to resolve this issue.
Many thanks in Advance.

  • All the *_usdollar fields contain the currency value in the default currency (not in US Dollar as the name suggest). A better naming would be *_default_currency but the suffix usdollar has historical reasons.

    When you change the default currency to any currency, only the new values are saved. No repair or update job will run for that.

    *_usdollar values are calculated when a record which contains currency fields is saved. The calculation in the product_templates moduel is done by SugarLogic on the *_usdollar fields. In older versions this was done in the module code.

    Harald Kuske
    Principal Solution Architect – Professional Services, EMEA
    SugarCRM Deutschland GmbH