Web Logic Hook not sending events o sending wrong ones


Recently we have implemented a Webhook to notify users of new and closed cases.

We had this running for last month without a problem.

Since the start of this year, the SMS has stopped.

We set up a new one to point to webhook.site to compare events and payloads easier.

We noticed 3 important things

  1. Events were only launching when the Case was created by an admin. Sugar Portal User did not send the event when created.
  2. The way the events were sent is different than what we saw when implemented.
  3. Saved settings on the webhooks have some sort of dirty read

I'll explain both and what we have tried a bit deeper. Also, tests have been followed by a quick repair every time.

(1) When noticed, we checked the role for the Portal user and enabled access for the webhook, trying both Normal, Dev & Admin access types. We have changed the target module to Notes, the same result.

For the other point (2). Usually, we would receive 2 events. The first one being the whole case with data, and a second one with the updates { dataChanges }. However now we only see 1 event the one with all data. 

The weirdest of all is point (3). As stated before we used webhook.site to test all of this. Eventually, we changed the target module to Notes to make it easier to test. Tests were functioning and we got the events from the Notes. However, a few hours later we noticed we were also getting events from the Case module. Even when this was not referenced anymore.

Some of the info we got from the logs were some type of cache problem

[DEBUG] MetaDataHelper: cache miss for 'mdmhelper_be4bca444b50085e75733ec053966e2c_vardefs_WebLogicHooks'

A Quick repair did not fix this...

Has anyone had some sort of similar issue?

Any help would be appreciated!

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