Email record is not saved in Emails if any invalid email is present

when any invalid email address is present in to the TO, CC, BCC along with valid email address, on click of send, there will be a error message shown in the UI--There was an internal server error.

But for valid email address actually  the email is getting sent and the sent email is not showing in emails tab

can anyone have anyone idea on why it is not saving the record for in emails for valid email address that is being sent

  • Are you sure that is what is causing the 500 error? I would hope the system would tell you explicitly that an email address is invalid.

    I've had 500 errors reported to me occasionally from sending emails, it has been very hard to test because I can't seem to reproduce it in a test environment. I will try with an invalid email and see if I can get a consistent result.

    If the email address is invalid then I would think it would have a problem creating the Collection for the Recipients, but the error should be much clearer and not just a PHP error. Have you checked the Logs to see if there is anything more explicit?

    What version are you working with? I'm on Pro 9.x soon to be 10.0.x


  • What das it mean "invalid email address"? What was invalid? Perhaps it contained wrong characters which break the SQL statement to write the email to the database? Or just an email address which is not available on the target server? Can you please explain in detail what kind of email addresses failed?

    And can you check your error log for a detailed description of the error 500 please?


    Harald Kuske
    Principal Solution Architect – Professional Services, EMEA
    SugarCRM Deutschland GmbH