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Wondering if there is an easy way or an enhancement could be made to be able to add a pool of comments that might be used on a quote more often. We find that we have certain comments that need to be added to some products or estimates. We currently have a bunch of word files that we will open, copy and paste but it would be great of there could be a way to make a comment template or maybe a product with pricing hidden that we could and be able to pull easier. 

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    It is pretty easy to accomplish through customization on modules ProductTemplates and ProductBundles.

    On ProductTemplates you can create a custom text area field in which you can write down the comment.

    On ProductBundles, in a specific view, you can look for that field on selecting the ProductTemplate and then decide whether to add a comment accordingly.

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  • One way I'm thinking about is using the notes module and a customization on the description field. Adding a special button that will open a drawer to select the note you want to add. When you select a note record it will copy the content of the description field to the field specified on the quote. It can append the value or replace the value. Shouldn't be to difficult to build

  • We have quote language that applies to different products, same language on multiple products and did not want to cut and paste it per product or have to maintain it in multiple places so we did the following:

    - Created a new module "Quote Language" with named template language. Each template has a "code" and some content.

    - In the Product Templates module we added a multi-select dropdown for the codes of the templates. The multi select is populated by a query on the "Quote Language" so that the admin who defines the products can pick which templates are applicable to each product and store that information on the Product Template record

    Here is where it gets tricky...

    - We have a highly customized PDF generation for our quotes that does a bunch of things that are not relevant here but also checks for "Quote Language" codes for the products listed, removes duplicates, and adds the pages needed for the language to the HTML before it is converted to PDF.

    However... and I have not tried this..

    if your language is not too complicated, you might be able to get away with just adding to your PDF the related notes, using the related module.

    If you don't mind diving into code, you can see part of what we did for custom quotes printing here:

    There is actually a lot more to it that I have not shared but you can see how you could manipulate the output in the API to add to the printout.


  • You could also , if the need is to generate pdf's with this info, look into a product like www.xpertdoc.com/.../