Create a task reminder on receipt of email


I need to create a scheduled task for a contact owner when an email is received from a customer (emails will only be received as replies from our users, so the contact will have already by setup in ALL instances). The purpose of this would be to create the scheduled tasks for the contact owner to respond to the emails within a given window of time.

I've never used process definitions before, and can't figure out how to go about doing this.... can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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  • As far I know you can not implement such feature through SugarBPM once imported Emails are not related to any record unless it is created from a create case related Mail Box.

    So I believe the solution is to create a logic hook on Emails module in order to evaluate if it is an inbound email and if the sender email address belongs to a Customer, so you can create a Task under related Contact (the one sharing the same sender email) and related it to inbound email.


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  • Hi Nick,

    When email replies are received, are you creating a new case out of it? The case can then be assigned to the contact owner, with status as Open. The users can then have a dashboard/dashlet for all the list of pending cases and work on it.