What is the view file of create new opportunity in sugar crm CE edition?


I have a little trouble with the leads convertion in sugarcrm CE version. I have a relationship between Opportunities and Leads but in sugarcrm CE called Potencial Leads and Cold Leads, so, when I convert a cold lead to potencial lead, in the creation view of new potencial lead I have an opportunity subpanel for create a new Opportunity, I need to edit the view file of create a new opportunity but I can not find it.

I have edited all the files into route custom->modules->Opportunities->metadata, including subpanels, but I don´t see my changes.

Somebody can help me please.


  • Actually we do not support the CE edition any more and this the wrong forum for CE questions,  but if you look to the URL of the lead conversion you see:


    So, just have a look to module Leads and here to the metadata file convertdefs.php and you will find different $viewdefs for the lead conversion targets.I hope this helps...

    Harald Kuske
    Principal Solution Architect – Professional Services, EMEA
    SugarCRM Deutschland GmbH

  • Thank you and I am sorry, I was looking for the right forum but I just clicked in the button "+ New" and I was suddenly writing in this forum of Questions and Answers. I develop in the Enterprise and Professional of SugarCRM editions. But in my actual job we have the CE version, but thanks again by your comments and I will do it so, I will check the Leads module and metadata file.

    Kind Regards.