How to render/refresh the parent module field data after add/delete relationship through subpanel.

Hi, everyone

I want to render/refresh the parent module data after add/delete relationship through subpanel.

Please suggest a solution


Laxmichand Saini

  • hello Laxmichand

    I'm not a developer but I know a configuring trick :)

    Just look at this gif:

    To get this work:
    1. I designed and installed a logic hook that updates Account Description field on Contact unlinked - it calculates the number of Contacts remained for Account after unlink (as you know that is server-side data change)
    Here is the logichook designed in Logic Builder for Sugar tool:

    2. I added a custom field to Accounts and make it Calculate some rollup by Contacts (doesn't matter what to calculate). Please note that I didn't add that new field to Record or List View, just create it in Studio

    I suppose that the trick is possible because Sugar Logic forces the record view to refresh if the Calculated field is present for the module, event if the field is not added to the View

    I suppose for your case , you may add any calculated field to Inventory Items with any rollup in formula on Inventory Management records and event not to make it visible on the Inventory Items.
    That will refresh the form on unlink

    Please let me know if that worked


  • Thanks, Dmytro Chupylka  For your explanation, I will try according to this and let you know.

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