SugarLogic in version 10.0.1

When I upgrade our Sugar instance to 10.0.1 all of the SugarLogic in one module (a custom module) stops working.  Everything.  Has anyone seen something like this before or does anyone have any good debugging methods for looking into the flow of SugarLogic elements?

  • Hi

    We upgraded our CRM from 9.0.2 to 10.0.1 two weeks ago and we didn't face any issue.

    Is there any custom sugarLogic function in charge? Eventually you need to Rebuild Sugar Logic Functions.


    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
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  • Hi Kenneth,

    You don´t should have problems at the moment of doing Upgrade, but I can guess you check your custom sugar logic functions are in: 


    inside the folder you must see something like: 

    Numeric, String folders


  • Hi Kenneth,

    Can you be specific what sugar logic you have implemented in the instance before upgrade and can you also check whether it has been there in the specific place after upgrade or not?

  • If its sugarlogic and in this custom module it no longer works.  Summations, visibility, dependancies, everything.  It all works in 9.0.x.

    No errors in the console that I can find or anything in the logs.

  • We tried the repair but nothing.  I ended up moving everything into the record.js in the end.  Everything stopped working, studio sugarlogic, summations, dependencies. visibility, mapped enums, even some BPMs that fired OnChange of any field.  All just in one custom module.  Everything else works fine.

    Unfortunately it was our biggest and most used module.  We upgraded production last night and all is working, but everything is in custom JS now, no SugarLogic at all left.

    Biggest problem is I have no idea where to begin debugging it.  Never had to before.  And its weird.  I can get the enum visibility maps to work but if I edit any field in studio they stop working until I do a quick repair.  Other SugarLogic never works.

  • I've seen this behaviour myself. I couldn't pinpoint the cause of it but the 'solution' for me that worked was to open the record view and edit a single field that has sugar logic attached to it. Save it again and save the record view. That mostly solves the issue.