Managing/reporting on Emails module

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions on the Emails module. I understand that there have been changes to how this module behaves in the last couple of years and can longer be accessed via studio (not entirely sure why) but my questions are mainly on functionality as we seem to be missing key fields like "from email address" etc while reporting/ searching (listview).

1) Is there a way to add the "from address" to filters on listview? I guess the same applies to listview dashboard. 

2) Sort of related to the above question, but is there a way to report on outbound emails only (sales people would like to show how many emails they've sent out rather than counting all emails which would include responses from customers as well)?

3) Is there a way to tell if an email has been replied to or not? Found an addon which does that: but i think it only works on emails sent through Sugar rather than on emails archived from Outlook. Any ideas?

4) How are email chains/ conversations tracked? Outlook plugin allows us to automatically archive an email chain but is each email within a chain treated as a separated record and if so is it possible to link them all to a chain? While measuring sales activity we'd like to count the number of conversations we are having with customers rather than number of emails sent/received - so if there are a 10 email chains, and 5 emails within them, I'm more interested in the 10 rather than the 50. Is there a way we can achieve this? Presume Sugar assigns an ID somewhere which is how the plugin knows that new emails in that chain need to be archived? There is also a housekeeping angle to it - we wouldn't want 10 emails basically saying the samething - we'd rather have the most recent email which shows previous conversations as well. Any way we can achieve this?

Apologies for throwing in so many questions in the same post but I thought they might be related to each other!