sugarcrm filter on relative field

How can i add  filter on related field  .  like I have user type related field on which I have want to show only user related user with some role  . how is this possible  ?

i tried through this

bt not working 

  • This is not possible OOTB, you need to create a custom endpoint which returns such filtered list and render its result inside a dropdown field.

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  • Hi ,

    I am not so sure about you want to get. But I dare to suggest you that check the relationships or you create a relationship with the target module.
    The module where you have the user type and the users module and may be whit the rol, but I think you can´t create a relationships with roles. This is because the edit user view shows you the related rol or the assigned rol to the user.
    I hope it be useful for you.

  • i try to explain again .. above is my user related lookup on sugar , I wnt to search only users with specific roles .. how can I do it

  • You can extend the vardef file to add a "filter_definition". For example, in the field custom/Extension/modules/<module>/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_<field_name>.php, you can add something like:

    ['<module>']['fields']['<field_name>']['filter_definition'] = [
    '' => '<role_name>'

    Then do a quick repair and rebuild - and by default, it will auto-filter based on the definition above - but this doesn't enforce the filter, users are free to remove the filter and set any record they want, but the default search will filter by the role you specify.

  • Hey Neeranja P, 

    Could this also work for restricting contacts for accounts in related modules?


    When an Account is selected and the user goes to choose the Contact, I want to restrict the Contacts available to only those on the Account....but the the detail here is that account is a dynamic values (not like the '<role name'>)..

    Link to  Simirar case

    Example: ( Getting only the contacts of the account selected <TestAccount>)

    I've tried like you mention above but  im not sure what to consider as my <module>(cases or account) and sugarfield (in custom/Extension/modules/<module>/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_<field_name>.php) not throwing any errors nor the queries expected.


  • Hi ,

    Yes this will work for any relate field and dynamic fields as well. It works just like regular filters. 

    The field where your module is present is the <module>.  Lets say this is "Cases" module.

    The actual field name that you want to restrict should be <field_name>.. Lets say this is the "contact" field.

    So the file that you'll have to create is:


    Now, all dynamic parameters can be substituted with "#", so in this case, the filter definition could look like:

    $dictionary['Case']['fields']['contact']['filter_definition'] = [
    'account_id' => '#account_id'

    What we're trying to do is to filter Contacts by account_id - and the dynamic parameter to use is the #account_id of the Case module.

  • Well, I guess you can do an onlyread field, as same as you do with the relationship of the role field you can do with readonly.
    If I am sure you must do 

    $dictionary['<module>']['fields']['<field_name>']['filter_definition']['readonly'] = true;

    And that converts the field in a simply label, not editable by the user.