Uncaught Domain Exception Fatal Error in Php Error Logs after Upgrade


This is a high priority to be addressed in Production Environment. I am not able to save record in custom module when I edit the dropdown field after upgrading from Professional 9.0.1 to Enterprise 9.0.1. I am getting 500 Internal server error in Sugar UI and nothing in sugar logs , but I am able to see error in php-error.log as mentioned below

[31-Jul-2020 04:52:37 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught DomainException: The given security subject is not active in E:\sugarcrm\src\Security\Context.php:75
Stack trace:
#0 E:\sugarcrm\include\api\RestService.php(296): Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Security\Context->deactivateSubject(Object(Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Security\Subject\User))
#1 E:\sugarcrm\api\rest.php(23): RestService->execute()
#2 {main}
 thrown in E:\sugarcrm\src\Security\Context.php on line 75

Could Anyone of you please suggest me how to resolve this as it is in Production, everything is breaking down. Thanks In Advance!!