Hello world Dashlet not working


   I tried creating a hello world dashlet using

Creating a “Hello World” Dashlet for Sugar 7 « Sugar Developer Blog – SugarCRM

I have used



Hello World!!!!!!!




    plugins: ['Dashlet']




$viewdefs['base']['view']['helloworld'] =array(

    'dashlets' => array(


            'label' => 'helloworld',

            'description' => 'hellowworldhelloworld',

            'config' => array(



            'preview' => array(



            'filter' => array(






I have done a quick repair and rebuild and navigated to list of dashlets which we can add using create.But the dashlet was not showing.

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  • Can you navigate to /cache/javascript/base/ directory.

    Here you can find two components js file.Search with any word (which presents in our helloworld.js) in these two files (to make sure your cache files has been rebuilt).

    Then Clear browser cache and reload the instance.Now you can find helloworld dashlet.

    Let us know if you have still problem.