Custom action URL is not open on Mobile (Without sdk changes)

I have created custom action for Quotes module. And when i have open this action on Browser URL (Chrome) it will open/action page is displayed for Desktop.

But when I tried to open same action in mobile URL (Chrome). Mobile device display a dialogue which have “Open this page  in SugarCRM”? message.  with two buttons i.e. Open and Cancel

And if I click on open button device switches to SugarCRM App login page either if not logged in or directly opens Quotes module.

I want to open custom action url on SugarCRM mobile app.

Simply i want to create custom page which open from Mobile device or from Desktop within SugarCRM. Is it possible or am i trying to something out of box.

Action URL: <Client URL>/#bwc/index.php?module=Quotes&action=chart.

If i did this via Mobile Deep linking then two different thing happens

1. It only working for Mobile device , but device is redirected to the Quotes module only. Custom Action page is not open.

2. For Desktop is not working, Because i have sent this link to email body. and email is sent from scheduler. And user got link to email body.

When they click on link from email body, Link is not open.

I want one common solution which is working for both Desktop and Mobile SugarCRM App. without sdk changes