Parent Dependent dropdown field is not filtering dropdown values based on the parent selection in Reports.

Hi All,

We have created parent dependent dropdown field in studio i,e, Type and Category field. Based on the selection of different types, different categories should be populated which is a dependent field. It is working perfectly in the edit layout but not working in reports. Please help us on this.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Yashgeet Saluja,

    Please describe in more detail what you mean by it not working in reports.

    The point of a dropdown dependency is to limit the options a user has in the record when setting the values. In reports, you are not setting values, but filtering on them, grouping by them, or displaying their values in the resulting columns.

    It is unclear what use case you have for a dependency restriction on a dropdown within Reports.

  • Hi Patrick,

    Please refer to the example explained below:
    Like we have two fields, Region and District. District is a dependent field on Region. Under Region, we have two lov's i.e. New Delhi and West Bengal. Based on the selection of New Delhi Region, following lov's in the district should be populated i.e. East Delhi, North Delhi and South Delhi and based on the selection of West Bengal Region, following lov's in the district should be populated i.e. Darjeeling, Kolkata and Howrah. District is not filtering values in reports based on the selection of Region, but 

     it is working fine in creation page layout. Attaching the screenshots for your easy reference.