add a visible formula on multiselect field

There is multiselect field "request_type" and a text area field "referred_by_other".

I want to add a visible formula on multiselect field:

when the value of "request_type" selected is “Other” only then "referred_by_other" field is visible. Please help.

  • anyone knows how to add if visible formula on multiselect field??

  • So you want to make the referred_by_other field visible only if request_type is "Other" -

    Make the referred_by_other field Dependent on Formula - for the formula enter equal($request_type,"Other")

  • Hello Richa, 

    Unfortunately it's not possible to leverage multi-select fields in Sugar at this time.  We have a current Enhancement Request that is asking for this functionality to be added.  This ER can be tracked from the following URL:

  • You could play some tricks... 

    In your module's clients/base/fields/enum/enum.js you can listen for changes in the request_type multiselect field. 

    If "Other" is included then show the field, else hide it.

    I did something similar here where each of the options in a departments multi-select has it's own "details" field related to it and I want to display/hide those detail fields based on the selections.

    * custom/modules/Accounts/clients/base/fields/enum/enum.js
    * show/hide detail fields for departments using site license

      extendsFrom: 'EnumField',
      initialize: function(opts){
      _initEvents: function(){
      _departmentDropdownFieldChange: function() {
         if( == 'department_using_sitelic_c'){
            this.on('render', this.triggerDetailFieldsChange, this);
            this.model.on('change:'+, this.triggerDetailFieldsChange,this);
      _detailsFieldsChange: function(){
         if(typeof( !== 'undefined' &&*_details_c/)){
           this.model.on('parent:module:change', function(){
             this.items = {};
           }, this);
      triggerDetailFieldsChange: function(){
        var self = this;
        var selected = self.model.get('department_using_sitelic_c');
         //I map the dropdown values to the field that needs to be displayed for each one of them
          var detailsMap = [
    <...more here...>

          //create an array of selected trimmed values     
          selectedArray = [];
          $.each(selected, function (index, value){
            if(value !== ''){
              selectedArray.push(value.replace(/ /g,''));
          //if the array is not empty then show all selected fields and hide the others
          if (selectedArray.length > 0){
            for (var i in detailsMap) {
              //if the department name was selected show the corresponding department field
              if (selectedArray.indexOf(detailsMap[i].deptname) > -1) {
                //otherwise hide it
            //if the array is empty then hide them all, we selected nothing
            for (var i in detailsMap) {


  • Thank you for your reply. How can we make the "referred_by_other" field required when it is shown?