Mobile version not executing field validation

SugarCRM Professional 9.0, On-Premise. Mobile access is through the {siteurl}/mobile version, we use Citrix EMM/MDM and still waiting on wrapping the native app

We've run into a large problem recently, we deployed iPads with LTE for all our salespersons, of which some of that functionality is accessing sugar on the go. The issue is that the mobile version is not using the correct controller code which is breaking a lot of our business logic, for example I have validation for meetings to make sure at least one guest is added, but the mobile app completely ignores this it seems. Any way to force the mobile version to use the correct code? Any plans on making the desktop site responsive?

Any help would be appreciated, as at this point we had to block mobile access as the missing controller code is causing incorrect data to be submitted, even reconsidering SugarCRM as a whole as mobile needs to work exactly the same as the desktop site with no exceptions.