Quickbooks Integration Options

Is there any conduit software out there that will allow creation of an invoice in SugarCRM and then that invoice is exported to a Quickbooks Online account?  Seems like most integration is the other way around - I would guess because it gets tricky with not only syncing the products/services but also the account information.  Ideally Quickbooks Online would also automatically send the invoice to the customer so they can pay it through Quickbooks Payments and then when paid it would flag the invoice paid in Sugar.  I have a gut feeling nothing does this.

If not, what's the least expensive solution (other than writing the code yourself) to at a bare minimu simply be able to export an invoice out of SugarCRM into Quickbooks (even if you have to manually make sure account and product/service data is synced).  I suppose another option would be to just export the invoice as one transaction in the total invoice amount and then keep the detailed invoice info only in Sugar.

Cheap and easy are the keywords here.

Running Community Edition (last/latest ver.)

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